Why do Gymnasts condition SO much?!

Many individuals not deeply involved with the sport of gymnastics often ask the question, “why do gymnasts condition so much?”. While it is imperative that competitive gymnasts perfect the execution of their skills, it is just as important that they maintain the strength, endurance, and flexibility necessary to complete their routines. These qualities are sustained by dedicating much time and effort to strength and conditioning training – in other words, by doing many repetitions of pushups, rope climbs, and leg lifts! Having strong muscles allows gymnasts not only to perform these complex skills, but also to execute them flawlessly. 


In addition to helping gymnasts achieve their goals, conditioning is essential in keeping competitive athletes safe and free of injury. Attempting to perform a challenging skill without the strength and endurance necessary to complete it can result in the gymnast becoming severely injured. Thus, to excel in the sport, competitive gymnasts must continue to develop their strength, endurance, and flexibility, as this will ensure that they remain safe and healthy for the duration of their athletic careers. 


Finally, the sport of gymnastics is not only physically demanding – it is also mentally challenging. Many young athletes will encounter fears and mental blocks that they must persevere through if they wish to advance in the sport. Much of this mental grit is developed through conditioning. When gymnasts push themselves through particularly challenging workouts, they are developing not only their physical strength, but their mental toughness as well. This ability to persevere through obstacles is an essential quality that competitive gymnasts must display. 


In conclusion, there are countless reasons why gymnasts condition as often as they do, such as the reasons described above. After reading this post, we hope you have a newfound appreciation for just how challenging the sport of gymnastics truly is!