Thank you to those parents and athletes that attended the webinar on June 3rd 2020.

Attached are the slide show presentation from the webinar and a point form plan that was reviewed by Public Health Niagara.

Member & Athlete Phase 1 Guide Webinar

Point Form Plan_V2

Gymnastics Ontario Stage 1 Opening Framework

A message from Gymnastics Energy’s Board of Directors

We hope this letter finds you and your family safe and well. We are writing to update you as best we can on a few matters and check in with all gym families during this challenging time.


The Gym continues to remain closed in line with the recent government announcement that all non-essential businesses must stay closed for 14 days.  We will not be returning as originally planned on April 6th 2020.  The long-term health and safety of our community must come first.  The Board will continue to follow the government’s direction and we will keep you advised of updates and changes through the website, social channels, and through email communication.

At this time, with no new revenue coming in, we have made some difficult financial decisions to ensure we have the funds available to welcome everyone back. Currently, there are no remaining staff working for the organization and the building is closed.  The staff have been very understanding and worked hard to ensure important information was shared to allow the  Board to maintain as best we can in their absence.  All were sympathetic to the extraordinary situation the world is facing and understood that these measures were necessary for the future of Gymnastics Energy.

Should you have any urgent enquiries please email the Board of Directors:

The Board continues to check email regularly and will endeavor to get back to you within 48-72  hours. Thank you in advance for your patience as it has been a challenging year thus far for a volunteer board.



The situation is rapidly changing, and we do not have an estimate or idea when we will be permitted to reopen. At this time all decisions about training fee refunds for our competitive program will be deferred until we are able to reopen and understand the extent of our closure time.

Our competitive contracts were for a 10 month training period and you are paying for a spot in the program.  While we allow a variety of payment schedules to help make the cost easier to manage, you are not paying a monthly or quarterly training fee.  The contracts do not allow for refunds when the Gym is closed due to things like weather or for other reasons.

That being said, no one predicted a closure of this nature when the contracts were drafted.  This type of closure is unprecedented and the Board recognizes that some form of compensation will be warranted under these circumstances.  The greater majority of our families had already paid for the entire training season before the Gym closed.  We know for the small number of families that pay monthly, some of the automatic payments for March were processed, and some were not.  No further charges will be made on anyone’s account at this time.  The Board’s plan is to review each account prior to re-opening and you will receive direct correspondence about your account when we reopen so compensation can be coordinated.  If a charge on your account that occurred after the Gym closed created undue hardship due to loss of income in your household please reach out. 

Compensation for our recreational programming is currently under review and we will reach out to those families shortly. 



The social media accounts are staying active and the shared Energy spirit reminds us why we are still training and supporting a healthy home environment. Keep sending in videos, photos, tiktoks and more to keep the positive ‘Energy’ flowing.

We thank our coaches for their emails and conditioning support shared with athletes. We know they have enjoyed contact with their coaches during this difficult time and so have the parents!  We encourage coaches to stay connected with their athletes, however please understand as an employer we can not require them to do so.  The relationship between coach and athlete is very special, and we respect that coaches are free to make their own choices.  Continue to fuel and share your family’s passion for the sport and we promise to do our best to ensure the sustainability of our programs.  



To whatever extent is necessary, every dollar we have saved is pledged to our recovery and rebuilding. We are monitoring closely and following the support the government is putting in place for not for profit businesses and will be applying for everything applicable.

Should anyone have questions or thoughtful suggestions and ideas as we continue to focus on re-opening we appreciate all considerations.

We look forward to the day when we once again come together at the gym and see the smiles on your athletes faces as they return to the blue mat and their Gymnastics Energy family.

Please take care of each other and stay safe,

Your Board of Directors,

Erin Wiltshire, Allison Foulser, Dianne Kirwin, Tara Becevel, Melissa Shaw



The Gymnastics Energy Board of Directors

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