Dear athletes, parents, coaches & community friends, 
We are pleased to be opening the doors to the gym as of Tuesday, March 2nd. By now, everyone registered in a program, recreational or competitive should have received an email with schedule, time and door entry details. We are doing everything possible to keep the gym a safe, healthy environment for all while keeping the fun and energy flowing!

General Overview + Board Updates

During the lockdown period, the Board has been active working on cost recovery, cost saving and seeking new funding and grant opportunities. During the lockdown period, many staff were laid off and we will continue to operate with a very limited office staff while reopening in stages. The volunteer Board of Directors is doing their best to support communications and operations. Please be patient or email the board email address if you have not had any response within 2 business days. A big shout out to Tracy for going above and beyond for all of us.
 Good News! Gymnastics Energy applied for and received a total of $ 9,421.00 for the Ontario Small Business Grant, Property Tax Rebate and Energy Rebate Grant combined. We are still waiting to hear if we are successful in our application for the main

Small Business Grant award which would provide between $10,000 and $20,000. As the updates come in we will keep you all posted in the newsletters. If you know of any opportunities or grants or sponsors looking for a great organization to support please let us know! It takes a village to keep the gym successful at any given time, not just during pandemics!
For any emails, enquiries or ideas Erin, Justine, Stacey, Allison, Dave, Tara and Dianne can be reached at:

Health & Safety

According to the requirements for a business open to the public in Ontario, GE has completed their Safety Plan. This plan is accessible in the gym and will be posted to the website on the Covid protocol page. Upon entry to the gym, the same practices will be in place. Please double check your door drop off and door pick up location.

Competition Updates for MAG & WAG

At this time we do not know what the competitive season will look like.  GO issued a memorandum advising against a speedy return to competing for the safety of our athletes. Having two lengthy shutdowns in a one year period is a lot for our kids to endure and it is important we allow them the time and space they need to reach their gymnastics goals.  Right now the focus is on a safe and fun return to in-person training.

Recreation Updates Highlights + New Sessions

Athletes will be welcomed back to the gym starting Tuesday, March 2nd, for the start of our Winter recreational session. We thank you all for your patience during lockdown and are so happy to welcome your athletes back to the gym! With a few spots left in some classes, it isn’t too late to join the fun!

Visit our website to register through Amilia.

MAG Update

Coach Olivia has taken a bit of time off to focus on her studies at Queen’s university. We wish her well and can’t wait to see her back in the gym sometime in April. In the meantime, we welcome and thank Joylynn and Isaiah for stepping in to coach her group along with coach Carly.

MAG families, we are in the process of forming a working group to support the growth and development of the MAG program. We will be sending MAG families past and present a survey to ask your thoughts, ideas and if interested in being part of the recruitment and MAG Program growth process. The survey will be sent by mid-March. Thank you in advance for your support.

WAG Update

Training suites are coming! The lockdown has delayed the order of our new training suites. We hope as things begin to re-open, we will see the delivery of our new training leos soon.

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