Why is gymnastics important for young children?

Gymnastics teaches the fundamental building blocks to be successful in all sports throughout childhood and well into adulthood. 


Flexability, strength, agility,  coordination, confidence, dedication and the payoff of hard work are all taught at an early age.

These attributes are then carried through to any sport the child wishes to attempt as they grow up, be it soccer, hockey, cheerleading, dance or continuing on with the best of them all, GYMNASTICS! 

Children learn early on how to ‘fall safely’ and pick themselves up to try again.

Gymnastics is a sport that gives children delayed gratification. They have to try and try again, they work so hard to get each and every one of their skills. It gives them a real sense of accomplishment at a young age.

There is no other sport in the world that benefits the physical development of a youngster for future success in all sports than the sport of Gymnastics.