Happy May to all our Members, Families, Athletes, Coaches & Community

This is a newsy edition so please grab a tea, coffee, water or wine, sit back & enjoy the read!

Important Dates

AGM: Sunday, June 27, 2021 at  7:00 pm  
To be held virtually with attendance kindly required

Board of Director nominations due:  May, 30th, 2021

Wine & Cider Pick up is NOW available Monday – Friday  
Starting today you can pick up your wine and/or cider at the Gymnastics Energy front door. Please call the gym at (905) 685-9248 and let our office Dianne know the names of the orders you are picking up.  She will be there Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

You will need to check your wine on pick up, so please leave yourself some time to do so.

General Overview + Board Updates

This lockdown is longer than expected and we know it is difficult for all, especially athletes anxious to be back in the gym with their coaches & friends. As a Board we have looked at new ways to fulfill volunteer and fundraising commitments for competitive families. A communication will be sent out shortly that will outline options that allow for some flexibility and find balance during this challenging season. The options include a replacement for outstanding sponsorship commitments and for Event night, as well as opportunities to make up for missed volunteer shifts.

Nominations for 2021/2022 Board of Directors have been emailed and all nominations will be considered until May 30th 2021. For more information about the Board and to nominate a member, please visit: http://gymnastics.energy/board-election-information-2021-2022/

We also have included some information on the board roles at the end of this newsletter.


A thank you to all who participated in the Fielding Wine Fundraiser! We are so glad your friends & families are thirsty! Our gym did fantastic and raised over $4,000 for our gym, which means we sold in excess of $17K of wine & cider. A special thanks to Julia, Janelle, Stacey & Di.

There are a few prizes for the top sellers & we will announce on Facebook next week!
More good news, the Canada Summer Job Grant application was approved and we have also applied for the Canada Post Grant and the Community Building Fund. A special thank you to our grant committee of Cindy, Ellen and Stacey who have been very busy this year with Tracy’s support too!
Don’t forget after the May 2-4 long weekend is the Energy Bottle Drive/ Collect/ Redeem. More information coming, please keep hold of those empties.

Health & Safety Updates for Comp Team Online Training

Safety reminders for training online:

  • Always have your camera on and make sure the coaches can see you clearly in the frame
  • Remove any furniture or objects around your training area
  • Watch out for walls, windows and doors when training
  • Only do the training as instructed by your coaches

Recreation Updates Highlights + New Sessions

Lockdown continues and the gym remains closed. We continue to keep it clean, fresh & sanitized ready for the return. Please follow & like us on social media for up to date notifications on when we are able to re-open and registration begins. We have a fantastic Summer Camp program ready for registrations. Safe, small groups & well trained, dedicated counsellor-coaches to engage and keep our campers safe.

Coaches Corner

Gymnastics Energy is actively recruiting coaches for our recreational program as well as competitive programs, both MAG & WAG.

MAG Update:
The boys continue to train and focus on the next season. It is a testament to their commitment & strength and we are lucky to have amazing coaches to motivate!

WAG Update:
The long awaited 2021training suits arrived and have been picked up. If you have not picked up your suit please call the office and arrange a drive by time. Please send us / DM/ PM/ tag us in photos with your athletes training in their new leos!

Do you Like to Like? Share? Post a story, throwbacks or share some great gym tips? Please shoot us a DM through the Energy Instagram or FB page and we would love to have you join our team or share social content for posting!

More Information on Board of Director Roles

Curious about commitment & roles? The time commitment can vary from upwards of 10 hours a week to  an hour in a two week period and everything in between. The increase in operational hours is due to the pandemic, lockdown & layoffs of staff. It is the Boards responsibility to ensure best possible management & decisions are made during unforeseen challenges such as COVID19.  The board is a working team that is focused on governance, leadership & vision. The board also rolls up sleeves and pitches in, in every capacity. We work together and compliment each other’s strengths. It is a respectful, positive environment with the sole focus being, for the betterment of the gym & positive athlete/coaching experience. In 2019/20 we ended the year redefining our Mission, Vision, Values. In 2020/21 we have ensured those values apply to our decisions and working collaboration. We are completing this board term with a work in progress strategic plan to help to continue taking steps forward during the next few recovery years.  The board is a place for positive progressive, engaged teamwork. We try to ensure Board Meetings do not exceed 3 hours and working on bringing that to 2 hours with the additional mid month check in.
For any questions, please visit the board page on the website & contact us.

MAG/ WAG Parent Representation: Term 1 yr

  • Attends board meetings/voting member
  • Supports committees as needed
  • MAG only – Acting manager/ communications support for MAG (tracking and approving hours, coordinating schedules, supporting communication between parents and coaches, handling any MAG related concerns until we are able to hire a permanent MAG program mgr)
  • Social media & web updates for MAG/WAG
  • Newsletters + Social Media + Supporting any promotions required by the gym
  • Supporting WAG/MAG coaches with communications & any assistance that would be helpful
  • Parent engagement to facilitate open dialogue if there are concerns


  • Responsibilities – Primary duty to support the bookkeeper & office staff to ensure fiscally responsibility for the organization
  • Approve Payroll bi weekly
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts monthly
  • Update Quarterly Income Statements (spending and revenue) weekly
  • Review Audited financials with Accountant and Bookkeeper – Annual
  • Assist with Grant applications – ad hoc
  • Assist with pricing models for programming
  • Currently participate in CEWS and CERS applications (covid related duties will hopefully go away by the end of this calendar year)
  • Estimated Time per month 8 – 12 hours

Member at Large  2 yr term

  • Board Liaison for the Fundraising  committee.
  • Board Liaison for the Volunteer coordinator.
  • Board Liaison for the Grant writing committee.
  • Board Liaison for the Meets committee.
  • Sign up Genius set ups.
  • Attend monthly board meetings and biweekly check in meeting
  • vote/approve on motions decisions for the benefit of Gymnastics energy/staff/athletes.
  • Cheque signatory

Vice president Role – 2 yr Term

  • Support President/Chair and Treasurer in the event the role is not filled.
  • Chair board meeting in absence of President
  • Payroll approval
  • Schedule performance reviews & compile BOD input.
  • Attend monthly board meetings and biweekly check in meeting
  • vote/approve on motions decisions for the benefit of Gymnastics energy/staff/athletes
  • Assist in gathering content for newsletter
  • HR contact for staff–schedule/attend meetings when needed with staff for conflict resolution
  • Responded to energy@gmail.com emails when paid staff are laid off
  • Review agenda for monthly board meetings & ensure all BOD are invited with ZOOM link
  • Modify/update safety plan
  • Board contact for Bingo volunteers

The Role of the Chair/President: 

2 yr active term + 1 yr non-voting Past President

The role of the Chair/President serves two primary functions: Coordination and Liaison. The President keeps track of all the various committees and work groups to ensure that the action items and commitments are completed as required. They also liaison with the ED and/or senior staff and bring to the BOD any items that require BOD discussion or approval. They will often communicate the Board decisions to the senior staff. This isn’t to say that only the President speaks with the staff. As all BOD members are working on different areas that serve the Gym, they will also work closely with the senior team. The President though serves as more of a BOD go-to for areas that do not otherwise have a specific BOD member overseeing it. In the role of Chair they also set the agenda and chair the Board meetings. The President works in partnership with the Vice President in most areas during their term. After they end their Board term, it is customary for the President to serve one year as Past Chair so they can help bring some consistency to the Board after the elections.

A big shout out to our community who continue to support & assist us in moving forward.