Trampoline safety and why it’s important!

It’s safety first here at Gymnastics Energy, especially on our trampolines! 


The first thing we teach our athletes on our trampolines is how to do a “stop, bounce”! By bending our knees when we stop, we protect our legs when we land.


The next thing we teach is how to safely fall on a trampoline! We teach our athletes four various falls in order to protect our bodies! Seat drop, knee drop, front drop, and back drop are all fall positions that prevent injuries. 


Our gym’s trampoline rules ensure that injuries are prevented. We only allow one athlete on a tramp at a time. We also encourage our gymnasts to jump in the centre and from two feet to protect our ankles! 


At Gymnastics Energy we have two Olympic sized trampolines surrounded by mats. We use our resi mats to teach our athletes how to safely jump, stop, and fall before we send them to the tramps! Our resi mats are also used to practice some of our core strength exercises.


We hope you will come bounce with us soon at Gymnastics Energy! 


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girl mid-aid during routine