About Us

Strength • Flexibility • Coordination • Focus • Control

Gymnastics Energy is one of Niagara Regions premier not for profit gymnastics clubs that have been serving the community for over 50 years! We believe that it’s due to the way we treat each of our gymnasts, at every level , we don’t just build athletes, we build people. “Where kids are first” is more than our motto, it’s how we operate. It’s the foundation behind every choice we make, from which programs to how we coach and train. Our goal is to give children a lifelong passion for physical activity and to empower them to become successful people – and we do it through gymnastics.


We are Gymnastics Energy We are inclusive, supportive, dynamic. We are resilient, committed, & competitive. Together we celebrate our successes and grow from our challenges. Welcome to our Gym.


To lead and provide expertise in the sport of gymnastics both in Niagara and provincially through the education, training and development of athletes, coaches and inclusive programming.

girl does splits in mid air during routine


Gymnastics Energy is a supportive community empowering athletes to focus on their health, wellness and personal growth for life through the sport of gymnastics.

Why Gymnastics?

The Canadian Sport For Life initiative recognizes gymnastics as one of the essential physical activities that all children should be involved with as a basis for participation and excellence in physical activity and sport for life.


Brightens healthy minds and bodies for an active lifestyle at any age.


Develops strength, flexibility, power and endurance with age-appropriate activities for participants of all skill levels.


Encourages cooperation, participation and fosters physical literacy and a desire to get fit and stay active for life.

Parents: Gymnastics Energy offers a wide variety of programs for all skill levels and in many different gymnastics disciplines. Our classes and programs take place in a state of the art ,safe learning environment.

"All 3 of my kids are at this club in various levels, parent and tot, recreational, trampoline, and competitive. The coaching is spot on!"

"Gymnastics Energy has helped me achieve amazing things as a Provincial athlete, I don't think I could ask for more."

"Best club ever! They are such a family. They welcome you with open arms and treat our children like their own. I would never take my daughter to any other club. Thank you to all the coaches for everything you have done "