Gymnastics Energy is a not for profit organization that is deeply connected to the St. Catharines community and Niagara Region. Our members dedicate their time and talents to ensuring the gym operations run smoothly. We appreciate our sponsors and community grants that allow us to continue to evolve and support athletes in a safe environment. We are governed by an elected Board of Directors.


We welcome volunteers from the community and are grateful for time and talent contributions. We also support highschool students looking to complete volunteer hours. If you are interested in volunteering at Gymnastics Energy please contact us. Thank you!

Sponsors & Partners

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A safe sport environment ensures all coaches, staff, and administrators apply the Rule of Two. When following the Rule of Two, all interactions and communications with participants are in open, observable, and justifiable settings, and two responsible adults — whether a coach, parent, staff or screened volunteer — are present. There may be exceptions in emergency situations. Check with your sport organization as to how the Rule of Two is enforced.



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Become a sponsor

Every year Gymnastics Energy opens their doors to over 1000 local athletes who come to train, grow and push their limits. We host two competitions each year and welcome athletes and clubs from across Ontario. As a not for profit we are reliant on the support of our community partners. We have many sponsorship opportunities from on site branding, digital communications to members, event branding and supporting our coaches and athlete literacy & well being programs.  We can customize many combinations and we look forward to speaking and meeting to ensure your brand is well positioned in our community.