Hello Energy families,

Happy August! Who knew summer would be flying by! It is time for this Board to provide their last update before AGM time! It has been wonderful to see our athletes back to training and every day they are closer to reaching and pushing beyond their pre-COVID abilities. The hard work and dedication by coaches and athletes ensuring safety and fun is admirable. We are so proud of the athletes for adapting and the coaches for being social distance training rockstars!.

If you have any questions related to gym operations please email or call Holly Hopkins, Monday, Wednesday or Fridays. Or for Board, AGM enquiries please email the board email:

Fall Packages

The packages for the 2020/2021 season are completed but however we are unable to finalize the gym schedule for training hours in the usual way due to provincial restrictions

The guidelines for recreational facilities in Phase 3 are more restrictive than in Phase 2 and we cannot operate under the current parameters. Previously our maximum allowable capacity was based on our square footage. We are now restricted to the requirement to maintain 50 people or less in our facility at any given time. This is a very big problem for our organization as in the Fall we see a larger return to our recreational programming. Recreational gymnastics is the main revenue source for our gym and cutting this programming in a significant way is not an option to maintain our base revenue for operations.

Provincially, Gymnastics Ontario has been working on this issue for all their clubs but they have not yet succeeded. Locally, we have reached out to both provincial and city representatives to discuss some options and they have been supportive but currently unable to override the bylaw.

WAG Packages with schedules will be sent once we have a resolution. MAG and Rhythmic packages will follow shortly thereafter as we are still finalizing Fall coaching availability as coaches await their Fall school schedules.

If we are unsuccessful in resolving the 50 person capacity restriction we will schedule an online forum in attempts to solve this problem collectively.

Energy Team Talk Safe Social Summer Fun

End of Summer Fun Day Sunday August 30th 2020

We are excited to host our athletes on Sunday August 30th 2020 for an Energy Drive-In Movie night. Special shout out to Minah and Ruby for the awesome idea! The movie will be shown right at our Gym and you will be able to pre-order a family pack of popcorn and snacks.

We will send more information closer to the event, but please save the date. Athletes and families are all welcome.

Hand Bag Raffle

Our Bingo and Brew event in May was cancelled due to COVID-19 but we still have some fabulous handbags to raffle off. We will run the raffle until the end of August and will draw the winners at the Energy Drive In Movie night. Raffle tickets will be sent home with athletes this week. If you would like more tickets please email the board. This is an optional fun- fundraiser and you can check out the handbags online next week! Stay tuned…

Completed ticket stubs need to be returned to the Gym by August 28th 2020.

All athletes will receive 20 tickets that they may choose to sell to themselves, friends or family. Participation in this raffle is optional. Proceeds from the ticket sales and the completed ticket stubs will be due by August 28th 2020.

Energy Team Talk – Health & Safety
COVID-19 Protocols

Keeping up with the changes as we move through the phases of reopening are challenging. We wanted to update you on what training looks like now in comparison to when we first opened.

What is the same?
• Physical distancing is still required and the greater majority of our athletes and campers are following this requirement extremely well.
• Handwashing and Hand sanitizing are required as the athletes rotate through the facility.
• Daily screenings are still required on training days. Please remember that if you have any of the symptoms listed on the daily screening you are not to come to training and are to contact Public Health or your primary care physician to determine if a COVID test is recommended or required.
• All cleaning protocols remain the same.

What is new?
• Staff are wearing masks to enter the building and when accessing the main washrooms, lobby or staff room. Masks are not required on the training floor for coaches and athletes. The floor supervisor is also wearing a mask.
• The air conditioner is running.
• Spotting is now allowed for competitive athletes only and only when absolutely necessary. Athletes are encouraged to work through fear as much as possible. Coaches do put on a mask when approaching an athlete to spot them.
• Competitive athletes can now use the pit and the resi-mats but with a thinner mat overtop that can be sanitized.
• Recreational Gymnastics starts today for the month of August. The number of classes for August is limited and the time they are in the Gym has been restricted to the times when there are the least number of competitive athletes. For the month of August we will not exceed 50 people in the building at any one time.

We will continue to keep you updated on changes to the protocols and our procedures as things develop.

Energy Team Talk – It’s time for a new Board term!
Nominations, Bylaws, Mission & Vision + the AGM

Nominations for the Board of Directors have closed. We will be reaching out to those nominated this week and will send out candidate names to the membership by August 21st 2020 to prepare for the online voting.

The AGM is going to virtual this year. Alll members will receive an AGM package for review in advance of the meeting.

We have received some valuable feedback regarding the proposed bylaws circulated early last month. Please send any questions, concerns or feedback prior to August 17th to allow the current board time to prepare for the open discussion forum and the AGM as well as any additional considerations.


Last weekend, coaches, leadership and board participated in a facilitated session to begin our work to write the Mission & Vision & Values of our organization. We thank Dianne Kirwin for her hard work in preparing and facilitating this session and a special thanks to our coaches who volunteered their time. It was a positive, inspirational and collaborative experience.

The Mission & Vision will guide decision making for the Board and our team and will form the foundation of our strategic plan as we grow and rebuild the organization with our member’s input.

The survey that was sent out to families and coaches before Saturday contributed to the discussion. The survey is now closed and we thank those who participated and shared with their athletes. Some were baffled by the questions however as the survey was geared to include athletes and parents it was fun to see the perspectives and qualities that align with the gym. Dwayne the Rock was a great celeb who embodies the versatility, passion and strength of the gym!

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Gymnastics Energy. If you have any questions or concern’s please reach out to the Board or Holly Hopkins.