We hope this update finds you all safe and in good health. We are writing to provide some updates to all of our recreational families. We know many of you have been wondering what will happen with the Winter Session that was cut short due to Covid-19. We thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time.


The Gym remains closed in line with the government announcement that all non-essential businesses must stay closed. The long-term health and safety of our community must come first. The Board will continue to follow the government’s direction and will keep you advised of updates and changes through the website, social channels and through email communication.

At this time, with no new revenue coming in, we have made some difficult financial decisions to ensure we have funds available to welcome everyone back. Currently, there are no remaining staff working for the organization and the building is closed. The staff have been very understanding and worked hard to ensure important information was shared to allow the Board to maintain as best we can in their absence. All were sympathetic to the extraordinary situation the world is facing and understood that these measures were necessary for the future of Gymnastics Energy.

For those of you that may not be aware, Gymnastics Energy is a not-for-profit organization. This means the gym is governed by a Board of Directors made up of elected parent volunteers. The Board has had to step in to manage the facility in a way that was not anticipated when we all accepted our positions. While we are up to the task, we do hope you understand that as volunteers it may take a longer time than normal to reply to enquiries. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


We have reached out to those families that registered for March break camp, birthday parties and early Spring 2020 Registration. Funds received for these three items will be returned with either a full refund or credit. If you are a family that has not received our email about these three types of registrations please contact us directly.

We know many of you have been wondering what will happen with our Winter Session that was cut short because of Covid-19. Thank you to all who have sent emails and been very understanding. The Board has been taking time to review and understand the bigger picture and future for the Gym.

The Board has unanimously agreed that we cannot offer any refunds for the missed classes that have been cancelled due to Covid-19. And to be clear, it is not that we do not want to offer refunds, it is truly that we cannot afford to return the amount of money that would be required to refund prorated amounts for the almost 500 athletes that were part of this session.

We understand that this may mean that we will lose families when we are able to reopen. It is a reality that we cannot avoid. Our hope is that the majority of our families understand that we are acting in the best interest of the Gym as a whole by making this decision. As a non-profit organization, Gymnastics Energy does not have a large reserve of funds to sustain our operation. At this time, any and all money available must be reserved to ensure that we are able to reopen our doors as soon as we can. We are looking at the future of Gymnastics Energy and the amount of money and effort it will take to weather this crisis and rebuild our organization.

Once we have a definitive date about when we are able to reopen, and in what capacity, we will revisit the idea of offering a partial credit on your accounts. The ability to offer this will depend on whether we are able to open sooner than anticipated. At this point, we need to ensure we can sustain our basic costs until September. Should we be able to offer a Summer session, or Summer day camps, then we will review things again and will advise if we are able to offer some form of credit to your accounts.


The social media accounts are staying active and the shared Energy spirit reminds us why we are still training and supporting a healthy home environment. Recreational athletes are welcome and encouraged to participate in our online challenges by sending in videos, photos, tiktoks and more to keep the positive ‘Energy’ flowing.

Gymnastics Ontario has provided us with a website of pre-populated content and we invite your athletes to check it out so they can stay fit and active. We remind you that home training is always at your own risk so make safe choices.

The website is: https://energy.webpowerup.com

Our access code (case sensitive): access2020


To whatever extent is necessary, every dollar we have saved is pledged to our recovery and rebuilding. We are monitoring closely and following the support the government is putting in place for not for profit businesses and will be applying for everything applicable.

Should anyone have questions or thoughtful suggestions and ideas as we continue to focus on re-opening we appreciate all considerations.

We look forward to the day when we once again come together at the gym and see the smiles on your athletes faces as they return to the blue mat and their Gymnastics Energy family.

Please take care of each other and stay safe,

Your Board of Directors,

Erin Wiltshire, Allison Foulser, Dianne Kirwin, Tara Becevel, Melissa Shaw, Alexa Takacs, and Brooke Macaulay


The Gymnastics Energy Board of Directors

on behalf of

Gymnastics Energy
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